How I see the Race Debate.

I recently entered into a discussion about changing my country’s flag. I was disappointed when the discussion turned from being about being a flag that all the people in my country could stand under to being about race.

So, here is my opinion on it.

It doesn’t matter whether you are white, tan, yellow or black. On the inside, we are all red. We all have a human heart, lungs, and a brain. We all eat, we all poop, we all bathe and we all die. Heritage-wise my family are all eurpeoan but I am not white I am red because when I bleed, that is the colour I bleed.

I do not hold a grudge, I do not make others pay for the atrocities I have experienced in my life. Holding on to the past as some do means that the children of the people who committed hainess acts pay for what their past generations did, in my opinion, this is wrong. I understand that this may sound too simplified, but the way I see it is simply that simple.

I do not understand why we cannot be united as one race. The human race, because that is what we are. We will all have our differences, we will at times all not agree on things that is what comes with free will and freedom of speech, but at the end of the day, we are Red, blood red.

We are all one society, a global society, we have different cultures, different beliefs and different views. We are not born with these differences, they are taught to use over time by those that are around us.

Yet as a global society, we feel the need to label, compartmentalise, and judge people by some sort of ridiculous standard. We take pride in passing on our hate and not our love for the people around us, if we didn’t take pride it in then we would not pass it on. We teach our children to fight for things they do not know, they did not experience and they cannot possibly understand, generations after the fact.

We as a global society use religion, skin colour, and heritage to tear each other down and excuse the hatred we pass on. Children are not born judging others we teach it to them. We show them how to label, how to judge and how to hate. Both sides of the debate teach it, the so-called majority and the minority.

It is hard to let go of the memories, it is hard to overcome the wrongs in this world, just as it is hard to give up the power and let go of the elitism. It is a lot easier to give into the hate, to wear it and to pass it on. Most religions teach tolerance, love and forgiveness. Whether you are religious or not these are the things that we should be teaching our children.

As a society, we can get it together so long as we understand that the past is the past. It can not be changed or undone We can learn from it. As a global society, we should not judge based on race or religion and that at the end of the day we are not white, black or yellow. We are red. Because it is on the inside what counts. If we do this then we can stamp out the hate and become what we truly are, one race, the human race.


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