So it is Valentine’s Day!

pexels-photo-302515.jpegWell, it is that time of year again, February 14. From flowers and chocolates to candlelight dinners, jewellery and proposals of marriage. This what Valentines Day seems to be about. However, historically Valentines Day was not the commercial holiday it has become.

limburg-dom-limburger-dom-hesse-63610.jpegOne of the legends relating to the origin of Valentine’s Day dates back to the third century when the Emperor of Rome outlawed marriage as he was of the belief that men who were single made better soldiers. The legend says that “Valentine” was a priest who disagreed with the law and married young lovers in secret. When it was revealed that “Valentine” was doing this the Emperor sentenced him to death and that date is now Valentines Day. There are several other legends however they are all very similar.

pexels-photo-331990.jpegRecently Valentine’s day has become this commercial expectation.  One that my partner and I do not actually go out of our way to celebrate. In fact, we do not go out of our way to celebrate any of the commercial special occasions, it is not because we do not care for each other, to be honest, it is because we do not think that you need a special day. If you love someone you should show them anyway.

As a couple, we have often talked about obligation gifts and neither of us feels that a gift should be given because of an obligation. You know the gifts I am talking about, Whether it be Christmas, Easter or a day like today, you have to ask yourself if it was a normal day, would you be giving the gift or declaring your love? The answer should always be yes. You should not need a special day to do it.


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